A well designed meal plane ensures that you get right balance of macro-nutrients [ Carbohydrate, protein, and fats ]. Also micro nutrients [ vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients your body needs.


Previously we saw meal plan no-1. Now we will continue with day two meal plan.


Moong dal chila (yellow lentil pancake) :-

INGREDIENTS :-1) one cup yellow lentil or split green gram 2) One tsp cumin 3) One inch ginger 4) Two green chilies 5) Salt to taste 5) Coriander leaves.(cut into small pieces )

METHOD :-1) Soak lentil for five to six hours in water. You can soak it over night too. While preparing rinse and wash don’t wash too much.2) Put lentil in mixer add ginger, green chilies, and one tsp cumin in it add salt to taste. Grind everything using half cup water. Pour the batter into a bowl. The batter should be like pancake batter consistency so add water as needed. Add coriander leaves. Now keep a fry pan on gas stove on medium high flame. Brush fry pan with oil, ghee, or butter. Pour batter on pan to make pan cake, let cook a bit brush oil on top when bottom side is properly cooked turn the pan cake and fry the top side too. This way make all the pancakes. you can have chilas with curd, ketchup or spreads etc. You can customize chilas adding thinly cut vegies of your choice. Add 1/4 cup vegetables for one cup lentil.


Palak paneer[ spinach and Indian cottage cheese } is traditional Indian recipe enjoyed all over Indian homes as well as restaurants. It is highly nutritious and considered as one of healthy cuisine

INGREDIENTS :- 1) palak leaves 20-25, One cup paneer2) 1/2 tsp garlic paste 3) Two medium sized onions 4) Two green chilies 5)1//2 tsp cumin 6) One tsp Gram masala,7 )1/4 tsp red chili powder 8) One tsp besan [chickpea flour] 9) oil 10) salt to taste

METHOD :- Wash and rinse palak leaves don’t soak in water. keep fry pan on medium high flame add 1/2 cup water. Add palak leaves, keep turning and cooking for five mins. When cooked put it in blender and make pure adding all the water used for cooking. This way we are not wasting the nutrients. Now keep fry pan on medium high flame. Add cumin, then add onion fry till golden brown, add garlic paste. Now add Gram masala ( Indian spice mix ), 1/4 tsp chili powder. Add salt as per taste. After this fry chickpea flour in same oil. nicely blend all the ingredients then add palak pure in it. Now add paneer cubes and cook for five mins, usually butter or cream is added to make it more yum however we don’t need it. for better taste add One tsp fried (golden brown) Garlic. Have palak paneer with Jowar roti or rice and salad of your choice.


MAKHANA ROAST:– Roast makhanas till crispy. Add salt as per taste, little bit chili powder and chat masala. Take quantity as per one plate.


VEG PULAV – Is a popular and flavorful rice dish. Here we are going to see a simple and healthy version of it.

INGREIENTS :- 1) One cup rice 2) One cup vegetables of your choice (available at home) I mostly use carrot, some green peas, cauliflower, or potato 3) coriander leaves 4) ginger-garlic paste 1/2 tsp 5) Mixed spice powder [garam masala] 6) One onion 7) one green chili 8) 1/4 tsp chili red chili powder 9) 1/4 tsp turmeric 10) One table spoon oil 11) salt

METHOD :- Wash and rinse rice. Cut onion and vegies. Keep vessel on medium high flame. pour oil let heat .Add onion let fry till golden brown color. Add ginger- garlic paste. Add vegies ,turmeric chili powder, green chili, garam masala simmer for one min. Now add rice mix well. Add water double the amount of rice .Add salt as per taste let cook until done. A simple and nutritious pulao or pulav is ready. You can have it with chatni, ketchup, afternoon’s remaining sabzi, Dal etc.

Calories and benefits

Palak paneer:- calories in one cup palak paneer are 369. Spinach is low in calorie and rich in vit C, iron, vit B6, magnesium etc. Paneer is rice source of protein and calcium.

Moong chilla :-Calories in one moong dal chilla are128. Moong dal is rich in protein , low in carbs, rich in antioxidants, improves digestion, boosts blood circulation.

Makhana :- 100 gm Makhana have around 347 calories. Makhanas are rich in protein and calcium. You can have around 25- 50 gm of Makhana as snack for the day .

Conclusion –

Regular evaluation and adaptations are essential for long term success in maintaining healthy diet.