INTRO :- Todays fast-paced life we all go through stress. Stress is normal psychological response to the surrounding situation these situations are called stressors. It is okey when we are under some amount of stress for our life achievements however too much stress can create mental as well as physical problems. Anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, panic attacks are some of the common problems we see in case of too much stress. Practicing wholesome life can be really good for a person undergoing too much stress. Let as see what can we do to control stress level according to wholesome lifestyle.

Daily exercise :- Doing exercise routinely is as it is a wonderful thing for our body. Exercise regulates blood circulation, strengthens muscles, bones, improves brain function, and also pumps up brains feel good neurotransmitters called, endorphins. One can take up any exercise such as walking, swimming biking, running ,yoga etc. Do at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

Food stuff :- Include healthy food stuffs having vitamin B6, vitamin c, omega3 in your diet such as nuts-almonds, cashew nuts , peanuts, walnuts are good for reducing stress. Blue berries, avocados, amla, lemon, oranges, sweet lime, Solomon fish etc. can help reduce stress.

Take care of yourself :– Maintain healthy diet, get enough sleep ,practice good hygienic habits. Don’t over work, take breaks from work. Engage yourself in things you like to do ,hobbies ,walks, connecting with friends, traveling etc.

Practice relaxation methods :- relaxation methods like deep breathing, 4-7-8 breathing help reduce stress, anxiety. Practice these techniques under expert guidance.

Deep breathing :- Sit comfortably on floor with a pillow under your knees, relax, breath in air by nose fill your belly , Keep one hand an belly, when the belly is filled with air then slowly exhale air out by nose. focus totally on breathing only. Do it for a minute. One can do deep breathing for 2 to 4 times a day.

4-7-8 breathing:- Sit relaxed breath in air by nose for 4 seconds – hold for 7 seconds and exhale air by nose for 8 second this technique was discovered by Dr Andrew Weil. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

Pranayama is also well known method of breathing for well being in Ayurveda .One can make use of it.

Make sure to use all these methods under experts guidance only.

Take support :- Talk with trusted people about your problems. open up! holding everything inside us can harm more than we think. Take professional support such as therapists, Doctors.

Take time to understand your stressors.:- Once you know what is triggering your stress If possible you can avoid the situation.. Many factors are unavoidable in life such as job or college school in this case try and . make peace with the situation. Remember facing life strongly is more better than running away so learn to make peace with yourself and world.

In the end embrace wholesome happy life with strong positive mind set live happy live wholesome 😊



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