INTRO:- Most essential part of living wholesome is anger management .As we know living wholesome comes with practice, it is not something we get genetically or naturally, one gets adapted to it by implementing discipline and will power. lets understand few things about anger and its role in wholesome life

Anger is a strong natural emotional response to surrounding triggers yet it is not so good to be angry and irritable all the time. Being angry all time creates tense environment surrounding the person who is angry it may eventually lead to create distance between family members and dislike between friends and colleagues. There are certain common triggers or factors which can make a person angry and irritable.

  1. Constant stress about work or finance
  2. Failures in achieving goals
  3. Family problems
  4. Insecurity about relationships or jobs
  5. Complex – can be inferiority complex or superiority complex
  6. Prolonged sickness
  7. Disagreements
  8. Physical disabilities
  9. Vitamin deficiencies
  10. Adamant nature
  11. Addictions etc.
  12. In case of ladies Pre menstrual symptoms , pre menopausal symptoms .
  13. Hormonal imbalance.

Side effects of anger :- Increase in blood pressure, headache, upset stomach, insomnia, increased anxiety ,depression, heart disease, skin problems such as eczema.

How to manage anger :- 1) First thing you can do is know yourself – In this you can learn to learn the the situation, your own mindset or what your going through try and understand the trigger that makes you angry. once you will know try to avoid it. e.g. If you don’t like arguments or discussions try not to take part or If you take part make yourself ready for it beforehand and face it calmly. 2) Check for vitamin deficiencies – deficiency of vitamin B6, B12, omega 3,vit D can cause tiredness, anger and irritability. Try and eat balanced diet. 3) Don’t over work – over working, over time gets a person tired constant fatigue feeling leads to anger. Avoid long shifts. Get 8 hours sound sleep , take breaks when ever necessary. Working moms get tired balancing home and job, get help. 4) learn- relaxation methods, try to make peace with situations. Take a walk, exercise, deep breathing etc. 5) Take expert help – Still many people avoid going to therapist for normal emotional problems like anger. Talking and letting your emotions flow will certainly help to manage anger. 6) Be forgiving – sometimes people have habit of accumulating unpleasant past bits and pieces which continuously disturb their mind. Learn to let go these thing forgive yourself, forgive others this will set your mind free and peaceful.

Living in anger affects over all health of a person. Embracing wholesome life contributes to get a peaceful calm mindset. practice wholesome lifestyle to keep yourself peaceful, happy and healthy through out your life. live happy live wholesome 😊

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