We all know breakfast is the main meal of the day. A balanced breakfast always contributes to our daily nutritional requirements. Todays metro city life style, breakfast concept is becoming lower to almost minus our lives. Now is the time for us to remember the benefits of breakfast again. lets start with a question, why must we start our day with having proper breakfast ?

Answer :- 1) After 12 hours of fasting through out the night our body needs to restart with energy. Breakfast works like fuel to our body boosting energy levels, it provides glucose to brain and refills consumed glycogen stores in the muscles. This improves brain function, helps in concentration, memory and productivity. Children and youngsters should never skip breakfast while going to exams

2)A balanced breakfast contributes to our daily nutritional requirement, provides necessary vitamins, protein, fat carbohydrates and minerals.

3) Tasty, appealing, delightful breakfast improves mood and has positive impact on our mental well being. eating breakfast can also decrease feeling of anxiety.

4) Eating breakfast is also linked with increase metabolism, weight loss, increase in immunity

Overall eating breakfast contributes to lots benefits. Hence most relevant in leading a wholesome life.. Without a hearty breakfast there is no facing daily life challenges .😊

One easy and healthy breakfast recipe :

ONION POHA :- Indian poha is a healthy tasty and easy to cook recipe for breakfast

Ingredients :- 1) poha one cup 2) one medium size onion 3) 2 -3 green chilies 4) 1/4 cup peanuts 5) some coconut kernel 6) 1 lemon 7) 1 tablespoon oil 8) turmeric powder 9) Some coriander leaves

Recipe :- 1) Wash poha, keep aside for 10 mins until puffed up. 2)Cut onion and green chili into small cubes. 3) take a pan heat one tablespoon oil 4) put onions and green chilies in pan , fry onion till golden brown . Add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder 5) Add salt to taste in puffed poha mix well, do not break poha while mixing 6) Add poha into pan mix well 7) Roast pea nuts and add in poha 8) cut coriander leaves, grate coconut. Serve poha in a dish garnish it with grated coconut and coriander leaves 9) cut lemon and serve with poha.


Cooked poha is easy to digest, it is lactose free, heart healthy ,fat free , gluten free, good source of instant energy , acts as a good probiotic. With all the goodness of peanuts lemon coriander leaves and coconut it is a wholesome breakfast one should definitely add it in daily breakfast routine.

Conclusion :- While practicing wholesome life breakfast is most essential part of daily diet. having breakfast with family adds up to happiness, mental wellness and physical wellness. So one should try never to skip breakfast. Be happy, healthy and live wholesome. 😊