INTRO:- My previous blog was about dal khichdi. Curd salad is one simple dish that goes along with dal khichdi. Dal khichdi and curd salad taste delicious.

ingredients :- 1] one cucumber 2] one tomato 3] one onion 4] curd 1 cup 5] 1/2 green chili 6] salt 7]1/2 tsp sugar

RECEPIE :- Cut cucumber ,tomato, onion, green chili in small cubes put them into a bowl .Add curd ,salt to taste. Add sugar. Mix them properly. Easy to make and healthy😊

Eating healthy freshly made food is needful for todays busy stressful life .Life is fast-paced and mostly no one has time to cook a balanced diet consisting all the foods ,side dishes etc. In this case these type of simple and tasty recipes are really blessings. They take less time and energy for cooking and are delicious too. As per my opinion having only keto diet or supplements is not the solution for healthy wholesome living. We should have a balanced wholesome diet.

Enjoy khichdi with delicious salad 😊 live happy, live wholesome.