“The triad for emotional balance”

Emotional regulation

HI friends ! we are all living in modern era . I feel this is the most difficult era of all the eras. As soon as we start thinking now everything is ok life is great, life throws us curveballs. Boom! goes the balance, 😊😰and there again starts the confusions, worries depressions, anger, etc. Rich or poor everyone is going through emotional imbalance. So, then there comes the need of having emotional balance. when we are dealing with constant battles of life’s challenges, there comes need for self balance. In this blog we are going to see three important things to effectively deal with emotional imbalance.

1. Have patience

Being patient in every problematic situation is of utmost important. here are few things you can focus on

  1. Accept your feelings – It is ok to get upset or frustrated in a low situation. Try to understand your feelings about everything you are going through. Take your own time don’t suppress your frustrations. reason, argue after that confirm your emotions.
  2. Change the angle of view – Try and see the situation in a different angle. See if you can control, grow or have a solution with different point of view. Changing view can be beneficial for your patience level.
  3. Set small goals – setting realistic small goals of achievement is more easy than going for big wins. So, celebrate small wins.
  4. Practice self care ( embrace wholesome life )- Proper diet, exercise, talking with friends, therapist, developing good hobbies, etc. can increase coping mechanism. So, give attention to yourself. Further more one can seek professional help too.

Set boundaries-

Starting setting up your limits is one of the crucial decisions in some circumstances. lets see some tips for the same

  1. Learn to say say “no” when ever necessary .
  2. Giving priority to yourself and your loved is good emotional wellbeing at a times.

Get inspired –

Understand you are not the only one suffering in this world . Some times we start self pitying more than necessary. So, to stop this look around there is inspiration every where. How to do it ?

  1. Watch people around you talk with them listen to their stories.
  2. Read, motivational stories , watch good inspiring movies.
  3. Keep your mind open and curious for new possibilities.
  4. prepare yourself every morning by praying, listening to motivational songs. Give instructions to self to have a day filled with strength and joy

Conclusion –