Wholesome life and food for joy :


Hello friends welcome to wholesome life and food blog. Wholesome life is a lifestyle we should embrace for overall well being. Life as a human being is a real gift. We all human beings like to live a happy, peaceful easy life also we love to enjoy luxury, and comfort. To make life more and more comfortable and luxurious we all toil a lot . In order to make it easy we have actually made is so hectic, tiresome, and stressful that words like joy, peace, happiness ,health have become secondary. From the beginning humans are in survival race before it was food and water, cloth, the basic needs, now it is money, luxury, status and much more. We have forgotten about leading life wholesome.


Wholesome life is a life that gives us peace, joy, good health and satisfaction. Practicing wholesome life is todays top need. what does wholesome lifestyle give us? well! wholesome lifestyle changes our overall perspective of looking at life. Instead of running in race continuously we start living life for real. We feel it may take all our time to embrace such a life although it doesn’t. It sure takes some time to adapt to new practices in our life such as Healthy eating habits, regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, positive mindset, positive relationships, making right decisions etc. finally making peace with oneself and the world around. So living wholesome is key to health happiness and peace in todays fast paced life.


ROLE OF FOOD :- Everyone wants to have a healthy body and long fruitful life. Many videos, books n blogs are available for having healthy body. people watch, try n follow instructions about health and fitness however food plays prime role in keeping our body healthy. Eating balanced nutrition in daily life can keep us truly healthy. Healthy food makes healthy us and healthy us can enjoy a lovely, happy, energetic, enthusiastic life.

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