What we eat plays a vital role in our overall well-being. It affects not just our physical health but also our mental and emotional states. Meal planning is a powerful tool that allows us to take control of our nutrition. Ensures that we fuel our bodies with the nutrients they need. Thus Enjoying delicious and satisfying meals. In this blog, we’ll explore Meal Plan 8, a balanced and nutritious menu designed to promote health and vitality.


Methi Paratha:


  • Amati Bhat: A simple Maharashtrian dish made with toor dal (split pigeon peas). We can even use masoor dal to cook Amati. Cook dal in a pressure cooker with tomatoes. Then give tadka using mustard seeds, curry leaves , chilly powder, turmeric powder etc.
  • Matar Sabji: Matar Sabji, or Green Peas Curry, is a simple and flavorful Indian dish. Sauté onions, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, and green chilies until golden. Add turmeric, coriander powder, and garam masala, then toss in fresh green peas. Cook until tender, garnish with coriander, and serve hot with rotis or rice for a satisfying meal. Enjoy the comforting flavors of this classic dish
  • Raita: A cooling yogurt-based side dish made with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and seasoned with roasted cumin powder, salt, and a dash of chili powder.
  • Roti – jowar roti or chapati


KOTHAMBIR( Coriander leaves ) WADI :- is a popular snack originating from Maharashtra, India. Made primarily from fresh coriander leaves (kothimbir), gram flour (besan), and a blend of spices, it has a tantalizingly savory flavor. Later the mixture is steamed and shallow fried crispy


  • Leftover Amati Bhat and Matar Sabji from lunch can be served again with rice or roti (Indian flatbread) because they are delicious and reheat well.
  • Accompany with a side of fresh salad made with cucumber, tomato, and onion, seasoned with lemon juice, salt, and a pinch of chaat masala for added flavor.


Featuring dishes like Amti Bhath, Matar Sabji, Roti, Raita, and Kothambir Wadi, offers a delightful journey towards nourishing both body and soul. Amti Bhath provides a comforting blend of rice and lentils, packed with essential proteins and carbohydrates for sustained energy. Matar Sabji adds a burst of freshness with its vibrant green peas, offering a generous dose of vitamins and fiber. Pairing these with soft Roti ensures a balanced intake of grains. The savory indulgence of Kothambir Wadi adds a delightful crunch, while contributing a plethora of vitamins and minerals. Together, these dishes not only bring happiness taste buds but also fulfill the nutritional requirements for wholesome life. Therefore live happy ,live wholesome 😊


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